Using Tessel’s Wifi

Tessel 2 has robust Wifi built into the board. Let’s get connected!


To connect to a new network, enter in your command line (without brackets)

t2 wifi -n <network-name> -p <password>

_Note: Wifi radio on Tessel can only connect to 2.4GHz networks. As of yet, you cannot connect over a 5GHz network.

Note: if you have spaces in your network name, or password, add quotes around the network name and/or password t2 wifi -n "<network name with spaces>" -p "<password with spaces>"

The password flag is optional. Tessel 2 will save network credentials and attempt to reconnect automatically on startup.

Wifi connectivity is indicated by the on-board amber Wifi LED, which will blink with every packet it receives.

To explore more options available for the t2 wifi command, take a look at the CLI docs.


On Tessel 2, you can run and push your code over Wifi, not just USB. Let’s get that set up. Run:

t2 provision

This authorizes your computer to push code to the connected Tessel 2.

Now, run:

t2 list

Assuming your computer is connected to the same network as your Tessel 2, you should see it listed by name, as a “LAN” connection, something like:

INFO Searching for nearby Tessels...
	Bulbasaur	LAN
	Bulbasaur	USB

You might see (as in the example) that your Tessel is connected via both USB and LAN. The connection will automatically prefer LAN, since it’s faster, but you can control this by adding --lan or --usb to any command.


Great! now that we’re connected and authorized, let’s check for updates. Run:

t2 update

This command will check for a new version of the Tessel 2 firmware. If there is an update available, it will be downloaded and installed.

Have a look at the CLI docs to get more information on updations.

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